The Firm represents a wide range of individuals and private companies (both large and small) in their day to day affairs and with respect to their contracts, acquisitions, reorganizations, and sales.  Our Private Business Counsel department is unique, in that it comprehensively assists our clients with the integration of their legal, tax, accounting, and financial affairs using a team of lawyers, certified public accountants, and support staff under a fixed fee arrangement.  When reviewing the affairs of prospective clients we consistently find that legal, accounting, tax, and financial matters are out of sync, exposing them to increased management costs, increased exposure to excess state and federal taxes, and greater risk of liability on audit or in the event of litigation. Our goal is always to provide value to our clients in extending the services of our Private Business Counsel group and we extend review and proposals without cost or obligation to prospective clients.

The Firm’s business practice ranges from simple organization of entities (partnerships, corporations, limited liability entities, business trusts, etc.) and extends to a range of services offered by our Private Business Counsel department, including target acquisitions and reorganizations. Members of the Firm have experience with state and federal corporate, partnership, and limited liability company laws; state and federal tax laws; state and federal securities laws; franchise and dealer laws; and laws related to corporate and securities litigation.

The Firm provides counsel in the sale or purchase of businesses, separation of active and passive entities through reorganization, or in establishing joint venture arrangements. Members of the Firm have assisted with hedge fund investment analysis, private equity target sales and purchases, and counseling clients with the pricing, financing, and closing of private equity roll-up transactions. Members of our Private Business Counsel department are routinely engaged to perform due diligence in purchase and sales transactions. Our team of lawyers and accountants seek to optimize the benefit of the bargain for our clients by intertwining the business objectives with optimum accounting and legal result.