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We are pleased to announce that the Firm has been selected by Advent® as one of two Beta Sites for the testing of their new Advent Direct cloud based investment oversight, performance, and reporting system.  We have been a user of Advent Axys® for over seven years as a subpart of our client centric Wealth Management services.  These services provide our clients with representation by their attorney in the implementation, integration, and oversight of their estate and tax planning, tax compliance, health care advocacy, and financial affairs.  Our teams of attorneys, accountants, and administrative staff are dedicated to state of the art capabilities and holistic  and client centric services.  Advent Direct has been developed in an effort to provide clients with more timely and direct reporting, knowledge, and oversight of their affairs on a segregated or consolidated basis. For example, Advent® allows us to illustrate to clients their investment allocations with multiple money managers or institutions, in real estate,  and private equity, on a separate or consolidated basis and with differing benchmarks and risk analysis. As Advent® describes Advent Direct, “Imagine everyone …  on the same technology platform, sharing a common, intuitive interface, with instant access to all the data they need in one place, no matter where it resides.  Anytime, anywhere, on any device. That’s Advent Direct. It’s our game-changing, cloud-based platform for building and delivering applications, solutions and services tailored to the way [we collaborate with our clients.]”

We are pleased to make this investment to continue to improve our client services.

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